Digital media personality and events strategist, Jasmine Naza Onyia took to Instagram on 23rd of July, 2020 where she reacted to the ‘no-celebrity-in-Enugu-status’ statement made by popular club manager Ogidi in an interview with with Dream FM’s Reginald Anieke.

The south eastern media girl and events organizer supported Ogidi’s statement that no artiste in Enugu can successfully headline a paid event without Lagos attachments, adding that the only exception would have been Slow Dogg, but his frequent club appearances has reduced the demand to see him perform.


She went on to say that until there is a strategic enhancement of all the major areas of the entertainment industry, it will be impossible to successfully promote and maintain the music sector or any other sector for that matter.

Naza mention the major sectors of the industry to be Artistes & Repertoire, radio, online and television media, night life and those behind the scene.

she suggested a round table meeting with all the best elders in the industry for a collaborative strategy that is beneficial to all.



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